Enchantment “Protection” in Minecraft

Defense is one of the most important stats in Minecraft. Since this is the only way in the game you can reliably protect the character so that he does not die. That is why each player tries to acquire some kind of equipment that will increase the corresponding scale with protection. However, you can also simplify the task with the help of an enchantment, which is called “Protection”.

All defensive enchantments in Minecraft have their own nuances. And the “Protection” enchantment is no exception. Therefore, if you want to cast spells correctly, understand the nuances, or get “Protection” in the simplest way, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material that is presented below.

Enchantment “Protection” Minecraft: review

What does “Protection” do in Minecraft?

The essence of the “Protection” enchantment is quite simple and obvious – this enchantment increases the character’s armor and thereby reduces the damage received of any kind. And this applies to all types of damage, and is not selective, as in the case of “Fire resistance” or “Protection from projectiles.”


  • Max Level

 The “Protection” enchantment is no different in terms of levels from any other protective effects. Therefore, it also has 4 levels of enchantments in its arsenal. However, if the levels are not enough, then they can be increased with the help of mods, which are presented below in the corresponding paragraph.

  • What items are enchanted in the game?

If desired, you can apply the “Protection” enchantment to any piece of equipment. Weapons cannot be enchanted. But you can enchant a helmet, boots, greaves, and a breastplate from any resource. And the same goes for the tortoiseshell, which is the helmet.

  • What enchantments are incompatible with?

It is not hard to guess that the “Protection” enchantment conflicts with any other protective effects. Therefore, if an item has enchantment for “Protection from projectiles”, “Explosion resistance” or “Fire resistance”, then “Protection” cannot be applied to such an item.

  • Chances of getting enchanted 

Surprisingly unlike other defensive effects, the “Protection” enchantment has a fairly high drop rate when using an enchanting table. In this case, the probability is 30 units. Although if this is not enough, then with the help of the mods below, you can remove this chance mechanic.

Enchantment mods “Protection” in Minecraft

  • Mod “FlashFyre’s Enchantments” Thanks to this project, more than 20 new types of enchantments will be added to Minecraft. And they are intended not only for weapons but also for armor. For example, from now on, weapons can be enchanted, which will additionally deal poison damage, and vampirism can be applied to armor.
  • Mod «Enchanting Plus» After installing this mod, the character will have the opportunity to choose spells. You no longer have to pay attention to the probability of dropping one or another enchantment. It will be enough to use a new convenient table for enchantments, on which you can select the necessary enchantments. Plus, the price of all these enchantments remains fixed. In general, a great mod for those who want to save a lot of experience and time.
  • Mod “Custom Enchantments” This mod also adds new types of enchantments. However, its key feature is that enchantments are enhanced versions of standard ones. Therefore, if you do not want to add new enchantments, but want to strengthen existing ones, then this mod is absolutely perfect. To implement the plan, you will need to use a new block. And you can see the existing new recipes with the help of a special book. Well, you still have to use lapis lazuli for enchantments along with experience.
  • Mod “Disenchanting Forge” Suitable for those who have found some item and want to transfer enchantments to another. Well, or in the extreme, transfer enchantments from your subject. In general, thanks to this mod, all existing spells can be transferred to books, while the item itself is not destroyed or broken, therefore it remains intact. All these manipulations use the accumulated experience of the character.
  • Mod “Limitless”  Well, the last project we propose makes it possible to remove the level restriction from enchantments. From now on, enchantments will not have a maximum level. In addition, the cost of repairing such high-level items does not increase, and in addition, selected enchantments can be reapplied to these items.

How to Get Enchantment Through the Admin Panel?

For those users who do not want to spend time on the standard enchantment mechanics or deal with installing mods, he suggests using another way to get the desired enchantment – developer mode. Thanks to him, you can use certain commands, which in turn will allow you to get ready-made items with the “Protection” enchantment applied.

But first of all, you should check whether cheats can be used in the selected world. If this cannot be done, then new worlds will have to be created where they are allowed. The instruction itself, even in this case, does not change and looks like this:

  • So, you should start by opening the administrator mode. To do this, use the “T” key on the English layout. Next, after clicking, a translucent window will open in the corner, where the command line is located below.
  • Optionally, on the command line, you can, as an option, write the command “/give @p netherite_chestplate{Enchantments:[{id:protection,lvl:4}]}”. And in return, the character will receive a Netherite breastplate enchanted to the fourth level of “Protection”.
  • Although you can also use the command “/give @p enchanted_book{Enchantments:[{id: protection,lvl:4}]}”, which will give the character a book with similar enchantments of the same level.
  • It should be remembered that all commands are written without quotes, and the level with the specified enchantment item can be changed. For the item, you just need to change the ID, and for the level – the numerical value at the end.
  • Alternatively, you can still use a tool called “Command Block” to activate these commands. And in this case, they have activated automatically. Since the commands are written inside but are used on their own, as soon as the signal from the red stone reaches the block.

Secrets and tips

If desired, you can apply the “Protection” enchantment to all types of armor. And as a result, the character will be able to reduce damage from 70 to 80%. As a result, the damage received will practically not reach the character and it will become much easier to fight.

The “Protection” enchantment is an extremely useful effect, but you still can’t do without other enchantments. Since these enchantments reduce overall damage, enchantments that purposefully increase/decrease something are still better in certain situations. On the other hand, if you use the proposed mods, then in the end you can significantly enhance this effect. In general, mods simplify many elements of the enchantment mechanics, so any player should like it. Especially if it’s hard to get some specific enchantment based on the chances of falling out.

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