Minecraft Night Vision potion how to Brew?

Not all types of potions in Minecraft have the properties of any protection, and not all of them serve to cause damage to hostile mobs. Many of them, on the contrary, give certain effects. And some can be negative and some positive. For example, there is the so-called “Potion of Night Vision”, which has its own positive benefits.

In addition, it should be understood that the potion of night vision has its own characteristics, category and differences. Plus, to create this kind of potions, completely different resources are required. Therefore, if you want to understand everything, we offer the material below for review.

Minecraft Night Vision Potion Overview

Night vision potions, apart from the effect itself, which allows the character to see in the dark, have a number of other important distinguishing features. First, the liquid inside has a clear dark blue color. Secondly, there are several types of night vision potions (specifically there are four of them). Thirdly, the ingredients for creating are partially different.

If we analyze the effect in more detail, then thanks to the potion of night vision, the visibility radius is temporarily increased within 15 blocks. Moreover, as a result, thanks to these potions, water will become more visible, like lava.

How to make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft?

First of all, remember that any kind of potion requires basic materials, without which even potion brewing will not work. In this regard, it is extremely important to prepare the basis. Otherwise, even basic potions will not work. And in more detail the list looks like this:

  • First, you should get a cooking stand (without it there will be nowhere to do cooking).
  • Secondly, it requires obtaining a sufficient amount of fire powder (it is also fuel).
  • Thirdly, you need to keep water flasks or empty ones with you.    

Potion of Night Vision

This option is the base option. The effect does not change in any way and is standard. And it only works for 3 minutes. There are no other important differences or features. You just need to get the necessary ingredients, which can be found below:

  • Requires Golden Carrot.
  • One flask of coarse potion.

You can implement your plan as follows on the hob:

  • Open the potion .
  • Top left – you need to put the fire powder.
  • Gold carrot – in the slot in the center.
  • Rough potion – also in the slot in the center, but in the lower one.
  • Well, then it remains only to wait for the end of the process.

Potion of Night Vision +

It is an improved or enhanced version of the basic version. However, the key difference is that only the duration of the action changes here. The duration will not be the usual three minutes, but eight at once. To prepare such a potion, if you don’t know how, you can follow this scheme:

  • First, you mine red dust.
  • Next, you create any variant of the potion of night vision.

Well, now you can start brewing the main potion:

  • Open the potion.
  • Top left – you need to put the fire powder.
  • Redstone – in the slot in the center.
  • The flask with the potion itself is also in the slot in the center, but in the lower one.
  • Well, then you simply wait for the end of the process.

Exploding Potion of Night Vision

Well, the last option is an exploding night vision potion in Minecraft. The key and only difference between these potions is that they can be thrown. However, there will be no unique properties. Only the duration of the action, which corresponds to the basis, changes. Therefore, if you decide to prepare such a potion, then stock up:

  • Gunpowder.
  • Regular or Enhanced Night Vision Potion.

After all the ingredients are ready, all that remains is to use the hob:

  • Open the potion.
  • Top left – you need to put the fire powder.
  • Gunpowder – in the slot in the center.
  • Any version of the night vision potion is also in the slot in the center, but in the lower one.
  • Well, then it remains only to wait for the end of the process.

How to get a potion of night vision?

There are two ways to get this potion. The first is to try to find it. The second is to use the developer mode with the appropriate commands. Of course, the easiest way is the second one. Therefore, if you decide to use it, follow the instructions below as soon as you open the console with the “T” button:

  • For the normal version of this potion, the command is “/give @p minecraft:potion{Potion:”night_vision”}” .
  • For a stronger version of this potion, use the command “/give @p minecraft:potion{Potion:”long_night_vision”}” .
  • For an explosive regular potion, the command is “/give @p minecraft:splash_potion{Potion:”night_vision”}” .
  • For an explosive boosted potion, the command is “/give @p minecraft:splash_potion{Potion:”long_night_vision”}” .

In the end, summing up, I would like to add that if you decide to use the console, then you can change the number of potions the character receives. It is enough just to put a certain number at the end. Well, if you suddenly can’t use the command, then don’t be discouraged – just use the “Command Block”.

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