How to Use the Reload Command in Minecraft?

Every player who has used a ranged weapon in Minecraft at least once, probably at least once, but thought about how good it would be to increase the reload speed. Especially in the case of the crossbow, since its reload speed is quite long. And with the help of the “Quick Reload” enchantment, you can realize your plan.

However, this enchantment has a few extremely important details that you should be aware of. On the other hand, if you are an experienced player, then the material will still be useful. Because it breaks down key commands, mods, and more. Therefore, we recommend that you read the guide for a better understanding.

What does “Fast Reload” do in Minecraft?

The main advantage of the “Quick Reload” enchantment is that, depending on the level of this enchantment, the reload speed of the crossbow is reduced for a certain amount of time. Moreover, if you apply the last level of the Fast Reload enchantment to this weapon, then it will reload faster than even a bow. As such, these enchantments are considered among the most useful.


  • Max Level . In total, there are three levels of enchantment for the “Quick Reload” enchantment. At the same time, with each new level, the reload speed decreases by 0.25 seconds. However, the effect of these spells can be enhanced, but only with the help of various mods. The most interesting and useful are presented below in the relevant part.
  • What items are enchanted in the game? The only weapon that can be enchanted with Fast Reload is the crossbow. Thus, this enchantment cannot even be cast on a bow.
  • What enchantments are incompatible with? Luckily, the Quick Reload enchantment is compatible with absolutely all other crossbow enchantments. There are no restrictions or conflicts.
  • Chances of getting enchanted . The “Quick Reload” enchantment has almost the lowest chance of dropping when using an enchantment table. The chance is 10 units. However, this can be fixed, but again only with the help of mods. The most useful are listed below.

Mods for Enchantment “Fast Reload” in Minecraft

  • Mod «Enchanting Plus» To begin with, it is worth noting this particular mod. Because thanks to him, you no longer have to pay attention to the chance of dropping one or another enchantment. The add-on adds a special block, using which you can select the desired enchantments. This way, everyone will be able to save a bunch of resources as well as time.
  • Mod «Enchanting Plus». Alternatively, you can also install this modification. Its key advantage is that it enhances standard enchantment options. This mod will also add its own unique enchantment table, but along with it will appear this time a recipe book where you can view all the available enchantments. Lapis lazuli is still used as a consumable along with experience.
  • Mod “Limitless” For those who are not satisfied with the standard levels for enchantments, we recommend installing this add-on. With it, enchantment levels will have no limits at all, and repairing enchanted items will always have a fixed price. Plus, with him from now on it will be possible to cast spells on each other.
  • Mod “Ensorcellation” Well, for those who do not have enough standard types of enchantments in the game, we suggest installing this mod. Because it adds as many as 30 new enchantments. And most importantly, all enchantments will be balanced and interesting.
  • Mod “Disenchanting Forge”  If you suddenly want to remove the enchantment with objects and, for example, transfer them to a book in order to use them in the future, then we recommend installing this particular mod. With it, a new version of the forge will appear in the game, where you can realize your plans. In addition, as a bonus, the items that are removed from the enchantment remain intact in the end and can also be used in the future.

How to get enchantment through the admin panel?

For those who did not fit any of the above methods, we suggest using the administrator mode with commands. The main thing before this is to make sure that the use of cheats is allowed in the world. Otherwise, just create a new world. Since the instruction from this will not change in any way and will still look like this:

  • Press the “T” key to open developer mode. Next, in a new window, go down to where the command line is located.
  • In it, to get an enchanted crossbow, you can write – “/give @p crossbow{Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:3}]}”.
  • Well, or you can immediately get an enchanted book with the same enchantment using the command – “/give @p enchanted_book{Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:3}]}”.
  • At the same time, each command is written in the game without quotes, and the level of enchantment can be changed if desired – just change the number.

In addition, if you can’t use commands, then use them inside the command block. As soon as the signal from the red stone reaches him, the previously registered command is activated next.

Secrets and Tips

As noted earlier, the Fast Reload enchantment allows you to make the crossbow reload faster than the bow. Therefore, we recommend using it instead of onions.

Remember that the Fast Reload enchantment is far from the only one. And you can also add other enchantments to the crossbow. Thus, this weapon can be made more powerful. With it, the character will even no longer need to use a bow. And if the enchanting process seems too complicated, then try to simplify it with the help of the mods presented above. Each mod simplifies certain mechanics, so you can think about what specifically you don’t like about the enchanting process.

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