How to Brew Potions in Minecraft? Instructions For Players

The most difficult to create/obtain types of items, but at the same time, the most useful is definitely potions in Minecraft. Potions are unique items that can either be found or obtained through potion brewing. And their key advantage is that they have a specific effect on the character, other players, and creatures.

Potions are also closely related to potion mechanics. This process is a way by which you can create all sorts of potions: from healing, ending with exploding, and settling.

However, even this is far from all, since potions also require special ingredients, items, and objects, thanks to which the possibilities of potions are opened up. And since it is quite difficult to understand all the elements of potions or potions at once due to the intricate mechanics, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed guide, which is presented below.

Potions in Minecraft: how to make and where to Get Them?

How to get potions?

  • When killing a witch, First of all, you can find, for example, a witch in the swamp biome. Then kill her. She has a chance to drop a water breath, instant heal, speed, or fire resistance potion upon death. An important condition for the loss of a potion, in this case, is the presence of a flask with a potion in the hands of a witch. In other words, if she does not hold the potion in her hands, then she will not be able to get it.
  • When killing a traveling merchant, Alternatively, you can still kill the wandering merchant, but again, the potion will only drop if he uses it. Specifically, we are talking about the moment when this character drinks the potion. As for the potion itself, it drops an invisibility potion.
  • With the help of fishing, The bad news is that no potions that give effects are dropped in this case. Good – this is a good way to get a base amount of water vials. In addition, for this method, you must first make a fishing rod.
  • Using Barter, If the character manages to get to the ” Lower World “, then it will be possible to engage in barter with piglins. With them, thanks to barter, it will be possible to get a potion of fire resistance, but only in exchange for a gold ingot. And the probability is not 100%.
  • With the help of potions, Well, the last, most effective, and reliable way to get any absolute potion is potion brewing. Thanks to the brewing stand and the ingredients, the character can create the potion that is needed, provided that the necessary resources are available.

How to make a potion in Minecraft?

In fact, there is nothing complicated in this process, and the main thing is to have with you: a brewing stand, a cauldron, an ingredient, and a flask with water or a potion (if you are going to brew a non-primary potion). And once everything you need is ready, you need to:

  • Place a water bottle or potion in the lowest slot of the brewing stand.
  • Further above on the opposite side of the potion, put the ingredient.
  • As a result, after a fairly short period of time, you can pick up the finished potion.

Types of potions in Minecraft

Positive Potions

  • Potion of Night Vision It is divided into only two types: normal and enhanced (+). Only the duration of the effect changes depending on the quality of the potion, but the effect remains the same.
  • Potion of Luck This is a unique potion only available in the Java Edition of the game. And it is not divided into types. Its main advantage is that luck in the process of fishing increases by 1 unit.
  • Slow Fall Potion It is divided into two types: normal and enhanced (+). Thanks to this potion, the character becomes light, like a feather. Therefore, it does not take damage when falling.
  • Healing Potion It is divided into only two types: ordinary and second-level potion (II). Since the effect of this potion is instantaneous, the quality only increases the amount of health restored.
  • Potion of Speed It is always divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+) and second-level potion (II). The better the potion, the higher its duration and the character’s speed level when used.
  • Regeneration Potion It is always divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+) and second-level potion (II). The better the potion, the higher the duration and effect of the periodic recovery.
  • Potion of Fire Resistance It is divided into only two types: regular and enhanced (+) potion. Unlike other potions, the effect does not improve on its own, but instead greatly increases the duration.
  • Potion of Invisibility It is divided into two types: normal and enhanced (+). Thanks to this potion, the character model becomes invisible. Duration increases depending on the quality of the potion.
  • Potion of Strength It is divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+), and a portion of the second level (II). The quality increases the damage dealt in melee combat, but also, depending on the type, either increases or decreases the duration.
  • Potion of Jump It is divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+), and a portion of the second level (II). The better the quality of the potion, the higher the jump height will be. However, the potion also provides increased protection against falls from great heights.
  • Potion of Underwater Breathing It is divided into three types: normal and enhanced (+). Once cast, allows the character to go without oxygen while underwater. It also slightly increases visibility underwater (the effect is similar to night vision).

Negative Potions

  • Potion of Weakness It is divided into two types: regular and enhanced (+) potion. The main advantage of this potion is the reduction in damage dealt. Depending on the quality, the negative effect does not get better, but its duration increases.
  • Potion of Poison It is divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+), and a potion of the second level (II). Deals damage over time as a debuff. However, it does not end up killing the opponent.
  • Potion of Slowness It is divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+), and fourth-level potion (IV). Reinforced has a longer duration. The main effect is a reduction in movement speed.
  • Potion of Corruption It is divided into two types: regular and second-level potion (II). Since it has instant damage, there is no duration. Deals damage as a negative effect. And the better the quality, the more damage is dealt.

Mixed Potions

Potion of Turtle Might It is divided into three types: normal, enhanced (+), and a portion of the second level (II). Positive effect – increases protection. Negative effect – greatly reduced movement speed.

Exploding Potions

Unlike the potions above, the key difference between these is that they can be thrown as if they were a weapon. And gunpowder is used as the main ingredient when brewing this kind of potion. In addition, the effects of such potions affect not only aggressive representatives of mobs but even passive ones. And the list of all such potions looks like this:

  • Exploding Damage Potion (negative).
  • Exploding flask of water (no effects).
  • Exploding Potion of Weakness (negative).
  • Exploding Potion of Strength (Positive).
  • Exploding Poison Potion (negative).
  • Exploding Slow Potion (negative).
  • Exploding Healing Potion (positive).
  • Exploding Haste Potion (positive).
  • Exploding Potion of Jump (Positive).
  • Exploding Regeneration Potion (positive).
  • Exploding Invisibility Potion (positive).
  • Exploding Potion of Fire Resistance (positive).
  • Exploding Potion of Night Vision (positive).
  • An exploding underwater breathing potion. (positive).

How to craft potions in Minecraft?

Alternatively, the easiest way to get a specific potion in Minecraft is to use a command. However, to begin with, it should be understood that each potion has its own special team. For simplicity, we recommend that you follow the link of the potion you need in the materials, where detailed and individual instructions for a particular potion will be presented.

Potions mods for Minecraft

  • Mod “Extra Alchemy” Thanks to this project, 2 times more types of potions will appear in the vanilla version of Minecraft, which in turn add a lot of elaborate, useful, and interesting effects. In addition, along with this will be new potion icons, ingredients, and much more like a special potion bag.
  • Mod “Combined Potions” Is Another great project. Its main advantage is that from now on all potions can be combined with each other. For example, some potions can have the effects of all potion types.
  • Mod “Potion Blade Mod” Is An extremely useful mod for those who are tired of constantly keeping potions with them and drinking them regularly. And this project solves this problem because with it the effects of potions can be applied to weapons.

Secrets and Tips

  • Initially, it was planned that players would have to do potions using cauldrons. However, a little later it became known that the decision had changed – the players decided to deal with potions using a special brewing stand.
  • Potions are fragile items. Therefore, if desired, they can be broken if thrown at some creature or character. The only exceptions are smoke, fire, and other similar effects.
  • Starting with version 1.9 of the game, a potion of luck appeared, which imposes a unique five-minute effect on the character. However, in survival mode, this kind of potion cannot be created. The only way to get a luck potion is to use creative mode.
  • Water bottles can be used to put out fires. At the same time, its key difference, when compared with a bucket of water, is that the decor does not deteriorate in any way.
  • While the character is riding a horse, you can use an accelerating potion. And in this case, the horse will be able to achieve a speed that the character cannot achieve while in creative mode.

It is impossible to do without potions in Minecraft. Over time, the character will face difficult places, strong enemies in large numbers, and many other difficulties. And potions, in turn, greatly simplify the gameplay.

However, it should also be understood that potions require ingredients, so it makes sense to grow special plants, and build farms with mobs – this is the only way to get a stable source of ingredients.

Of course, all this is quite difficult to implement, but there is a way out – these are guides. Minecraft is an extremely popular game, thanks to which players have found many effective ways to extract certain resources. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with other guides to make survival more comfortable.

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